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What I’ve Been Watching


I’ve never been a vengeful person but I am completely hooked on the devilishly well written TV series Revenge. In the show, Emily VanCamp portrays a young, intelligent, and beautiful socialite who is… Continue reading

What I’ve Been Reading


It’s not often that a book will bring so many tears to my eyes that I have difficulty reading the pages, but the real life story of two enemies and a heroic act… Continue reading

Music is the Language of Memory


The author Jodi Picoult said, “For better or for worse, music is the language of memory” and after conversing with friends the other day about live music concerts we had seen, I couldn’t… Continue reading

Hooked on Crochet


I love to dabble in a wide variety of arts and crafts and when my creative spirit strikes, I usually dive right in and ask questions later.  So, with the bitter cold of… Continue reading

Joy of Baking


The fall and winter have always been my favorite seasons for delighting in the creation, flavors and aromas of delicate and buttery baked goods. Every time I bake bread, cakes, cookies or pies… Continue reading

Photographic Eye


In the last decade, the digital camera and personal home computer have changed the way we take and share our photographs. Modern technology has granted us the tools and freedom to capture, share… Continue reading

Puppy Love


I was born and raised to be a dog lover. So it’s no surprise that my first “accidental” pet in adulthood won my heart faster than I could say the words, “I’m not… Continue reading

Animated Family Fun Films


In 1995, audiences were amazed when Pixar released its first full length computer animated film, Toy Story. Overnight the country was swept up in Toy Story mania and its merchandise was in the… Continue reading

Home is where the hearth is


In New England we are fortunate to have many well preserved Colonial American homes to remind us of America’s own rich architectural history and the lives of inhabitants from a bygone era. Built… Continue reading

Family Genealogy


Recently I traveled with my aunts to celebrate my mother’s birthday at her beach home in North Carolina.  We had a wonderful time soaking in the warm weather and sunshine as we laughed… Continue reading

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