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What I’ve Been Watching


With the resurgence of action hero Jack Bauer in the new release of 24: Live Another Day, I’ve decided to give the television show “24” a shot (pun intended!). The original show ran… Continue reading

My Dear Watson


One of the first series I remember reading was the Sherlock Holmes stories. By the time I was 11, I had read everything in the children’s section at my local library (remember that the publishing… Continue reading



Even though the show has been running for the past eight years, I recently discovered the television series Supernatural. The premise is simple: two brothers take over the family business of hunting demons, vampires, and other… Continue reading

Literary Destinations


Living in our neck of the woods is the perfect location. We’re just a couple of hours from New York or Boston and have so many opportunities for awesome day trips! My husband… Continue reading

Take Me Out to the Ballgame


From April to October my main hobby is watching baseball. My house looks like a shrine to Fenway Park, with photographs my husband and I have taken while attending games over the years. We… Continue reading

What’s in a Name?


I was a journalism major in college. I took a lot of fiction writing courses that focused on the importance of minute details; one of them being character names. We dove into names… Continue reading

I Rest My Case


I am counting down the days until the new season of Arrested Development airs. The cult comedy, about the Bluth family whose patriarch lands in jail, will air one more season after a seven-year wait! Ten… Continue reading

Words with (and without) Friends


My winter self is very different from my summer self. I spend way too much time in my pajamas, I lounge around the house in layers and hats, and I only leave the house to work.… Continue reading

Lego Club


OWL’s Lego Club has been going strong since September. Each week children gather and listen to a story to inspire their creativity. Then they are given a Lego Challenge to build in a… Continue reading

After the Lights Went Out


Over the course of the summer months my husband and I watched “Friday Night Lights” in its entirety. The television show had been highly recommended by library staff and patrons. We were hoping… Continue reading

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