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What I’ve Been Reading


    Brilliant! Blending a true unsolved mystery with fiction, author Ariel Lawhon creates an unforgettable story with a satisfying and brilliant ending. In The Wife, the Maid and the Mistress, Lawhon sets… Continue reading

Summer at Tiffany


  The summer is a special time often filled with adventure, discovery, romance and new possibilities. This is particularly true during our youth when summers represent total freedom from school work and the… Continue reading

The Rockford Files


With witty storylines, believable dialogue, unique characters, and a detective that broke all the clichés, The Rockford Files is a superb series that never disappoints. Every episode, along with all of the movies,… Continue reading



Birding is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed year-round. In your own backyard, a beginning birder can easily find much to enjoy. Birds offer the beginning enthusiast with so many opportunities no… Continue reading

You’re Invited!


It’s the time of year that we begin planning and attending more parties and social gatherings.Often people let the worry of entertaining prevent them from having social gathering. Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, cell phones…… Continue reading

Zigzags of Treachery


Raymond Chandler remarked, “Hammett took murder out of the Venetian vase and dropped it in the alley…” A couple months ago, I decided that I wanted to read The Thin Man. Years ago,… Continue reading

Please Take Care of This Bear


My most beloved fictional character lives at 32 Windsor Gardens in London. He originally came from Darkest Peru, but after a perilous ocean journey as a stowaway, he landed in London at Paddington… Continue reading

Best of 2012


Throughout the year, the OWL blog enlightens, entertains and informs. We now average about 65 readers each and every day! That’s about 24,000 views of our blog each year. We started the OWL… Continue reading

Legendary: Doc Watson


My favorite bluegrass musician is Arthel “Doc” Watson. Bluegrass is a form of American roots music that emerged from and was inspired by the music of Appalachia. Its true roots come from the… Continue reading

The Garner Files


I’ve admired James Garner’s work for many years but after reading his autobiography, The Garner Files, my admiration of and respect for him have grown tremendously. He is truly a “good man”: a… Continue reading

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